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Twinings Green Mango and Lychee 20'S 40g

Twinings Green Mango and Lychee 20'S 40g

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20 Tea Bags.

The lychee, native to Hainan Island in southern China goes back as far as 2000BC; once a delicacy in the Chinese imperial court, it was in such demand that a special courier of horses would deliver it to the emperor. We've taken the flavor of this sweet, white and pink fruit and blended it together with the tropical taste of mango and our delicate, golden green tea. Take a sip and let it transport you to your own imperial court.

The Ingredients...
We choose our first and second flush green teas from select tea gardens in the Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces. These are picked in the spring as this is when the best teas are in season. A further little twist is added when we blend these light and delicate teas together with the natural flavors of mango and lychee, which we've selected for their sweet, refreshing taste.

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