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Tesco Tear Mist Eye Spray 10 Ml

Tesco Tear Mist Eye Spray 10 Ml

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‰ۢ Relief from the symptoms of dry, irritated eyes ‰ۢ With soothing chamomile ‰ۢ Wonå»t smudge waterproof make up Tear mist eye spray triple action. Tear film tonic assisting in the lubrication of the eyes and eyelids and providing comfort for those who wear contact lenses. Relieves dry, irritated, itchy eyes, and burning sensations often associated with foreign bodies or due to contact lens wear or eye strain caused by computer work or reading. Liposomes for stabilisation of the lipid layer of the tear film Sodium hyaluronate for replenishment of the water layer of the tear film. Soothing action by the natural anti oxidative properties of Chamomile.

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