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Taylors Rich Italian Half Caff Ground Coffee 227G

Taylors Rich Italian Half Caff Ground Coffee 227G

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The days of lifeless decaf coffee are gone - our lower caffeine blends are utterly bursting with all the rich, distinctive flavor and aroma of their full-caff siblings. We use a natural water process to gently decaffeinate the beans without losing a single molecule of character. Put your best suit on, because this is a coffee with class - a sophisticated roast that takes its cues from the elegant blends of northern Italy. We choose chocolatey Brazilian beans and subtly sweet beans from Africa and Central America, then roast them until they're rich, well-heeled and wonderfully refined. Dazzling after dinner. All our Roast and Ground coffee comes from independently certified farms and co-operatives. We rely on these growers, so we work extremely hard to build long-lasting relationships with them, investing in their communities and their environment to help ensure both are thriving and resilient.

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