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Taylors Columbia Huila Espresso 10 Coffee Capsules 50G

Taylors Columbia Huila Espresso 10 Coffee Capsules 50G

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Pop this in your basket to discover why the world fell in love with Colombian coffee. We‰۪ve captured the perfectly balanced flavors of an exceptional example from the Huila region in a simple, fresh capsule. Colombia is divided into 32 'departments', and the Huila Department lies in the southwest. It boasts the country's highest volcano (the Nevado del Huila) and the source of its principal river, the Magdalena ‰ÛÒ and a particularly good reputation for the quality of its coffee. That‰۪s where we source the beans for our capsules, and their flavor profile demonstrates why Huila is considered one of the best growing regions in Colombia. A long roast softens their clean, lifting acidity into a mellow, elegant espresso, delivering delicate flavors of sweet lemon, gentle malts and a whisper of vanilla. Colombia is the world's third largest coffee producer and the single largest producer of the arabica bean. Coffee plants made their way to the country in 1790, and since then Colombian coffee has become known across the globe for its exceptionally high quality. It's so highly regarded that the EU gave coffee from Colombia protected designation of origin status in 2007, and the coffee growing region was declared a world heritage site in 2011. Strength 9 - a balanced roast which offers fruity and ‰Û÷roasty‰۪ notes. 100% of this coffee comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified‰ã¢ farms.

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